Successful strategies in the private equity manufacturing sector are not built on a foundation of risk. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that you feel your business is in good hands. As small business investors, we consider it a disservice to business owners to create a situation where the risk outweighs the potential rewards.

When it comes to small business investing, we do things a bit differently. Our team of small business investors is passionate about working as partners with each business owner to ensure that they feel comfortable and satisfied through the entire growth process. We help make good small companies even better and do this over time by providing the resources, knowledge and talent to implement positive, growth-producing changes.

Rather than investing in a number of companies and diluting our resources, we only consider businesses that meet a specific list of criteria and invest selectively based on the relationship and trust built between us and the business owners. To mitigate this risk, we buy a controlling interest in each portfolio company so the business owner is not shouldering the burden.

Once acquired, we work with existing management teams or can build succession plans where necessary to recruit new management. We also often make additional investments of $1 million or more over time to modernize the organization for pursuit of more advanced customer market opportunities, and accompany it with intellectual, relationship, best practices, and strategic capital.

We believe that we can materially improve the performance of the businesses in which we invest by identifying, developing and working closely with capable management teams and applying our strong operating, strategic and financial backgrounds.