We focus exclusively on buying the often underserved small manufacturing business opportunities with growth potential in the South East. We believe this market segment is the most under served and represents an area where we can make the most contribution as a partner.

After determining that an investment opportunity fits within a developed theme and industry focus, our firm evaluates certain key company attributes as compared to our core investment criteria:

  • Manufacturing businesses located in the South East region – Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, or Eastern Tennessee (4-5 hour driving radius from Greenville SC)
  • Annual revenues between $1 million to $5 million, but also interested in turnaround of distressed business situations
  • Core competencies and capabilities including precision CNC machining, sheetmetal forming and fabrication, plastic injection molding, electronics and mechanical assembly, specialty coatings and processing, and design engineering (CAD/CAM)
  • Existing long-term customer relationships and potential to grow new products and opportunities with current customer base
  • Employee teams that are open and culturally aligned with our operational excellence philosophy to grow to greater heights
  • Identified opportunity for our team to add value through operational, financial, and strategic changes that strengthen the business and enable the move into higher end markets
  • Potential to scale the business to generate positive cash flow over $1 million annual